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Important Dates All Marketers Should Take Advantage Of In 2022

With 2021 out of the way and the new year in full swing, it’s time to take a look at all the important holidays and dates that all marketers should be taking advantage of. Whether that’s for the purpose of writing blog posts, creating holiday themed adverts or simply writing a small social media post, let’s go through a list of all the holidays you can use in 2022.


Blue Monday – 17 January: It’s no surprise that January is a month where people tend to get the blues. With Christmas out of the way, there’s not much to look forward to. Make sure to take advantage of this day by offering your customers a deal, or even just show them what they have to look forward to from your business whether that’s an event or the release of a new product.


Two’s Day – 2 February: With this being a day celebrating the number two, 22/02/2022, bear in mind the offers you could make to your customers. Buy one get one free, 20% off etc. 

Valentines day – 14 February: Valentine’s day is important to remember as people will be buying gifts for their partners this month!

valentines day


Shrove Tuesday – 1 March

Mother’s day – 27 March: another big gift buying month for women’s products, make sure to offer a mother’s day treat!


April Fool’s Day – 1 April: Every year we notice brands jumping onto the April fool’s day bandwagon, with a joke product launch or confusing social media post, this day is always fun for businesses to build rapport with their customers. 

Good Friday Bank Holiday – 15 April

Easter Sunday – 17 April


May bank holiday – 2 May                                                                            


Spring Bank Holiday – 2 June: Spring and summer bank holidays always bring out a crowd looking to have experiences in the sun with their families, make sure to advertise up to bank holidays in order to offer your customers a great day out. 

Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday- 3 June: With an extra bank holiday this year, there’s even more reason to offer your customers something great. 

Father’s Day – 19 June: This month, lots of people will be looking for that special father’s day treat, make sure to let your customers know what you have to offer. 

Summer Solstice – 21 June

Prime day – While the date has not yet been announced by Amazon, Prime day is probably the biggest day for sellers so make sure your Amazon account is ready for the sales! You can look at our previous blog about prime day here or keep your eyes peeled this year for when we announce prime day’s date and how to get the most out of it!


Wimbledon Championship – 27 June – 10 July

Women’s Euros 2021 – 6 – 31 July: Sporting events bring about large crowds and great moods, posting something topical to these events is sure to get people listening.


Summer Bank Holiday – 29 August


World Mental Health Day – 10 October

Halloween – 31 October: Get the spooky deals ready for your customers, or simply a happy halloween post!


World Cup – 21 November to 18 December: Set to be a huge event, get ready for topical posts and deals!


Christmas Jumper Day – 11 December: Christmas jumper day is a great day to raise money with your colleagues and have fun in the festive season! 

Christmas period – 24 – 31 December: Make sure to remember the Christmas season! Wish your customers a merry Christmas, hold a winter competition or offer boxing day deals.her

And that wraps it up! All the key dates you need to put into your diary as a marketer in 2022. Make sure to keep a look out for the release of prime day dates as this will be a major few days for businesses. 

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