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Amazon Demand Side Platform

Amazon DSP is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers to buy display, video, and audio ads programmatically across Amazon’s owned-and-operated sites, apps, and third-party exchanges.

Benefits of Amazon DSP

Increased Reach: Amazon DSP allows businesses to reach a wider audience beyond Amazon’s owned-and-operated sites and apps. With Amazon DSP, businesses can advertise on a variety of third-party sites and apps, increasing their reach and exposure.

Targeted Advertising: Amazon DSP allows businesses to target specific audiences based on interests, behaviours, and demographics. This means that you can reach the right audience with the right message, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Cross-Device Advertising: Amazon DSP allows businesses to target users across multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and connected TV. This means that you can reach your audience wherever they are and engage with them on the devices they use most.

Advanced Reporting: Amazon DSP provides detailed reporting and insights into your advertising performance, allowing you to optimise your campaigns for better ROI. With Amazon DSP, you can track and measure the impact of your advertising campaigns across channels and devices.

Our Amazon DSP Services

Audience Targeting: We identify and target the most relevant and effective audience for your business. By targeting the right audience, we help you reach the right people and increase your conversions.

Creative Services: We create compelling and effective ad copy and creatives that resonate with your target audience. Our ads are designed to drive clicks and conversions, increasing your sales both on and off Amazon.

Campaign Management: We manage your Amazon DSP campaigns, including targeting, bidding, and optimisation. Our expert campaign management ensures that your advertising budget is used efficiently and effectively.

Reporting and Optimisation: We provide regular reporting and insights into your advertising performance, allowing you to optimise your campaigns for better ROI. Our data-driven approach ensures that your advertising budget is used effectively and efficiently.

What All Advertising Can Do For You

We offer strategic planning and consulting services for manufacturers and retailers. By working with both first- and third-party sellers, we offer a unique perspective to our clients allowing them to leverage relationships and the Amazon platform to drive huge growth.

We help

Brands and sellers who are new to e-commerce plan and launch effectively

Under-performing brands and sellers focus and improve growth

Established brands and sellers optimize incrementally to maximize results‍

Our services include

  • E-commerce strategy development
  • Multi-channel supply planning and operational consulting
  • Assortment strategy and planning
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Digital shelf monitoring and management
  • Promotional program planning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) on Amazon (AMS)
  • Media planning and management (AMG, AAP)
  • Campaign reporting, analytics and management
  • New product and brand launch services
  • Comprehensive channel strategy (wholesale, retail and hybrid)
  • Customer feedback utilization
  • Organizational analysis and planning
  • Channel launch management
  • PIM recommendation and setup

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