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Does your website make the grade in 2022?

For any business, a website is the first impression a prospective customer or client has to your brand. It’s a window of insight into your products, reviews and even how much a customer can trust you as a reputable brand. It’s important to review your website and make sure your content is up to date and looks and feels professional. In this blog, we’re going to get into 5 ways to improve your website in 2022.

Mobile Friendly

In 2022, most people will access websites from their mobile phones. Therefore, it is top priority that your website should both look and work great on a mobile. Make sure that images and text are easy to view and that links are easy to click. 

Google favours mobile friendly websites within its algorithm. This means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will not show up on the first few pages of the google search results. So, make your website mobile friendly if you want to be easily found by your customer base! 


Focus on building organic traffic

Organic traffic is traffic on your website that you don’t pay for. So, it’s important that you build an organic audience. There are many ways to do this, from writing blogs to improving your website’s SEO. If you aren’t focusing on building an organic audience in 2022, it’s time to start! 

User experience over website design

Site usability is the single most important thing about your website. Of course, brand, content and images are all important too. However, the only thing that will keep prospective customers on your site is how easy it is to navigate. This includes making sure that all links are easy to find and follow and that all pages are easy to read and navigate.  Without this, you are unlikely to retain a customer base. Standards to look for when you’re making your site easier to use are:

  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Navigation
  • Page structure
  • Linking structure
  • Quality content

So, make sure all your sites are easy to navigate as a first step to boosting your website in 2022. 

Links and images

Broken links and ill-fitting imagery are two huge red flags for customers. With most people used to sites like Amazon and Facebook, they also expect high quality when using other websites as well. Not only this, but broken links can also decrease brand trust. If you are shopping on a site and see poor quality images and broken links, you may think to yourself ‘This brand can’t get a website right, how can I trust them to get their product right’. 

So, while it may not seem like a big deal to you, it can make or break your sales. Make sure your links are working!

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Clutter on a website might have been a trend in the early 2000’s but now, in 2022, the clutter must go. Websites should look simple, professional and sleek nowadays. Of course, with different colours you can still include your brand’s personality. Your website doesn’t just have to be black and white. However, think carefully about the elements you want to include within your site and why. This ties in with the simple navigation point. From a user perspective, simple is best.

In conclusion

Overall, in the website space, it’s important to declutter, simplify and make sites more user friendly in 2022. Work on getting your website up to the new standard and see how it improves your sales! 

Or, if you don’t want to build your own site, don’t worry! Here at All Advertising, we have a team of website experts ready to build your next site. Call us on 01708 952952 or visit our website here

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