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5 Digital Marketing Events In August 2021

5 Digital Marketing Events In August 2021

Keeping up to date with digital marketing strategy, digital marketing trends or simply brushing up your knowledge of online marketing is always important. In 2021, a lot of marketing conferences are still not going ahead. However, virtual webinars are ever present and often free, giving you a great way to learn and grow with marketing trends. In this blog we’ll go through some of the virtual marketing events taking place this month so be sure to check them out! 

Marketing Strategy | Discover The 3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies. this free webinar focuses on 3 digital marketing strategies that can be implemented to grow your business online without increasing your marketing budget. Spaces are limited for this one so book now!

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Social Media aims to provide you with the fundamentals of how to raise the profile of your organisation and help to sell or promote your products and services using best practice online marketing and social media techniques.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing takes place on the 10th of August and focuses on teaching the basics of online marketing. Learn everything you need to know to create a successful marketing campaign. This event is free so take advantage of this free education. 

Digital Marketing 101 takes place on the 11th of August and goes back to basics about online marketing and what it means to have an online presence. They discuss primary marketplaces to build and promote your business, the basic tools required for a successful social media platform and where your business needs to be visible.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics for Small Business is on the 26th of August and focuses on the basics of marketing, the definition of an impression, the goals of an impression and the types of general tactics that you can use to help drive awareness. You should be able to develop your own marketing strategy with goals, tactics, timelines and costs. You should understand the basics of search, SEO and social media. Finally, you should understand the importance of ideation and innovation for the future success of your business.

These are only 5 of the hundreds of free webinars taking place this month so take a look online and see what you can find to benefit your specific educational needs!

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