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Customer Experience: Social Media Customer Service 101

Customer Experience, what is it?

When thinking of your customer’s experience, you may instantly think of the quality of the experience a customer has with your business. However, this is only a part of the full picture. Customer Experience or CX is a combination of all interactions an individual has with an organisation. This includes all communication, all parts of the customer journey and all types of awareness a potential customer has with your entire brand. So, now we have explained what CX is, let’s go into detail about how you can improve it!

Think about the last time you had a really great experience as a customer. What was it like? Was it because of customer service, your experience on a website or even in a shop? Now, think about the last time you had a poor customer experience. How were these two things different? A good CX involves the whole customer journey being a smooth process from initially seeing ads to reading reviews to making a decision and purchase, and finally, after a purchase customer service must also have a smooth process in case something goes wrong with your product. 

There are two different branches of customer experience. The first is the customer experience of your brand as a whole. Customer experience with your brand includes the quality of your website, stores and customer service. The second branch of CX is with your product itself. If the product is good quality and works well then your customers are likely to have a good CX. 

Why is CX so important?

A great customer experience is crucial for your brand because a happy customer is a loyal customer. This not only boosts revenue from repeated purchases, but also allows your customer base to grow during the decision making process of the customer journey as you will have more great reviews. CX is so important nowadays because customers have the power to grow your business or not. There are hundreds of different options online for products similar to yours and so often, customers will go with the brand that they have the best experience with. 

How can I measure my current CX?

  1. Analyse customer satisfaction survey results
  2. Identify the rate and reason for customers no longer using your brand
  3. Ask customers for product or feature requests
  4. Analyse customer support ticket trends

customer experience

How to improve your CX?

The most important part of creating a great CX is to understand the entire journey a customer takes, find the weak points and work to strengthen them. For example, if the customer journey to purchase is great but your returns policy makes it difficult for customers to return products it may result in no return customers. To fix this particular issue you can look into sending a return label with your package so that a customer can quickly and easily send their product back. 

If you want more information on how to improve your CX, get in touch with us here at All Advertising. As a full service Advertising Agency, we have a team of experts to help create, build and maintain your brand as well as boosting your customer experience. 

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