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Should brands avoid the VR bandwagon?

In the course of recent years, VR has advanced from a prototype to a stage for the media and buyers to connect with.

As it develops, more news associations, advertisers, and PRs need to get required to investigate new narrating potential outcomes. Because of the immersive way of VR, brands can give individuals an amazing experience.

Be that as it may, is it too soon for brands to put resources into VR?

Advanced needs depend on a group of onlookers’ needs, and with great quality headsets costing around £500, it is far-fetched that many individuals will have the capacity to connect with VR content.

Yes, there is Google Cardboard however it’s not really a similar nature of experience. Also, because of innovative limitations, extraordinary VR content is restricted.

Things being what they are, should brands be utilizing VR now – exhibiting creative thinking? Or, then again would it be advisable for them to hold up until the innovation has developed?


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