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Online Marketing Events in July 2021

5 Online marketing events July 2021

Keeping up to date with online marketing strategy, digital marketing trends or simply brushing up your knowledge of online marketing is always important. In 2021, a lot of marketing conferences are still not going ahead in person. However, virtual webinars are ever present and often free, giving you a great way to learn and grow with marketing trends. In this blog we’ll go through some of the virtual marketing events taking place this month so be sure to check them out! 

Social media marketing for small business

Social Media Marketing For Small Business takes place on the 6th of July online and offers a free course to gain a good base knowledge of how to grow your brand using social media, which social media is the best to use and other best practices. This is a great free resource of those starting new businesses or expanding their business to a wider audience using social media.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is taking place on the 13th of July and is a free course focusing on the role digital marketing plays in a business, different digital marketing channels to find and engage with customers and a template for building a digital marketing strategy. This event aims to get everyone up to date with the changing technology trends and tools so you can feel more confident in the digital world with your business. 

Ask the Expert – Marketing and Sales

Ask the Expert – Marketing & Sales is a free webinar that takes place on July 22nd. It will cover must-do’s before you begin to market your small business, “Laws of Sales” to excite customers, create demand and steamroll your sales and easy, affordable and practical ways to grow your business. It also involves a question time you can use to ask things you may be unsure of to an expert. 

The power of Niche Marketing

The Power of Niche Marketing is a free webinar taking place on the 27th of July. Focusing on why having a niche customer focus can help you get traction for your business. In this interactive workshop, you will be able to identify the ideal client for you, hone in on communicating your benefits, craft your marketing story and develop a strategic outreach and marketing plan.

LinkedIn Marketing tips to grow your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business takes place on the 29th of July focusing on building and maintaining business leads on LinkedIn. Best practice examples will be used, and you’ll spend time creating a marketing plan for your own business within the session too. Clever hints, tips, and key tactics to help you maximise success and grow quickly will also be provided. 

These are only 5 of the hundreds of free webinars taking place this month so take a look online and see what you can find to benefit your specific educational needs!

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