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Influencer Marketing Trends 2021

Last year was a year that most businesses stumbled on roadblocks trying to find different ways to reach their audience. The new WFH lifestyle made a huge impact on businesses as they continuously tried to reach their goals. If you are thinking of incorporating influencer marketing into your brand strategy, here are a few things to look out for this year.

Live Streaming

Most of us had to adjust to the new way of living and working from home and businesses had to find new ways of engaging with their audience. Live streaming grew rapidly in 2020 as it was a new way of connecting with audiences on a deeper level and building relationships in a meaningful way. Influencers were also leading the way with live streaming and creating content and using their ability to create a buzz.

Video Content

Video content has had a huge role in the social world this year. Influencers started to step up their game by creating content to tackle the algorithm and boost their engagement. These include:

  • Makeup tutorials
  • Giveaways
  • Q&A
  • Behind the scenes
  • Step by Steps
  • TikTok Hashtag challenges

The power of video content allowed influencers to easily connect to their audience in an authentic way and reveal parts of their daily lives.


The evolution of TikTok has taken off in rapid speed and has become one of the most game changing trends of all time, especially with Gen Z. The youth of this generation has grown up in the digital age which has created expectations for engaging and entertaining content. TikTok is a great platform to target the Gen Z generation by:

  • Creating entertaining content
  • Express their identity and personality
  • Building on online community

Incorporating TikTok in your social media strategy, businesses can gain a deeper engagement with Gen Z through their brand experiences.

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