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Do consumers want humour? Survey says yes

While the rest of the world is settling down from the pandemic, and with the UK getting used to normal life again, researchers are trying to find out what consumers are looking for within their ads. With the world coming out of two years of prolonged stress and high emotion, the Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience has found that consumers want to feel happiness. So, in this blog, we’ll take a look at how marketers can use insights from this report on humour and happiness.

What can humour do?

So, with consumers wanting to find happiness in their ads, how can marketers deliver? Well, surveys suggest that humour is the key. “The Happiness Report” found that 90% of people are more likely to remember a funny ad. As well as this, 72% of people say they would choose a humorous brand over their competitors. You would expect that with insights such as these that marketers would be making humorous ads? Apparently not. 

Only 20% of brands included in the study report using humour in offline ads. With 18% saying they use humour in their online ads. This report is based upon insights from more than 12000 consumers and business leaders across the globe. When we think about it, these insights seem obvious. Anxiety and Depression increased by 25% during the pandemic, leaving consumers longing for happy experiences. Furthermore, with apps like TikTok promoting short, funny videos, Gen Z are known to love funny content. 

The report also suggests that humour improves email marketing campaign open rates. 69% of respondents said they would open an email if the subject line was funny, yet only 24% of marketers report using humour. Email marketing campaign open rates are currently averaging 21% so marketers should listen up!

88% of people are looking for experiences that make them laugh, 79% of people are focusing on personal connections and 53% are focusing on experiences to gain happiness. 


So, what can these insights offer us?

It’s important to listen to consumer insights in order to provide advertisements that people want to see, and to create better connections with your customer base. From this survey, we can say that looking into your own consumer base to see what would make them laugh and replicating this in your adverts would be the best bet. Test some humour within your campaigns, see if they perform and go from there! 

So, next time you’re creating a marketing campaign. Think about what this survey can offer you and make your consumers smile. 

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