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Unleash the Power of Ai for Your Business Growth

Supercharge your website and marketing with our cutting-edge AI packages. Get a smarter website, generate leads with an AI assistant, and dominate online sales.

Ai Powered Websites

Transform your business with a cutting-edge website built by us, powered by ZAiLUM—your comprehensive AI assistant.

Here’s why our Ai websites stand out:

  • Integrated AI Assistant: Every website comes with ZAiLUM, an AI that knows your business intimately, from products and services to branding goals.
  • Engaging Content: Automatically generate compelling SEO articles and blog posts that attract and retain traffic.
  • Search Optimized: Launch with a website fully optimized for SEO, including meta titles, descriptions, and keyword-rich content.

Enhance Your Website with Custom Ai Modules:

  • Social Media Management: Activate the Social Pack to have ZAiLUM post timely, relevant content to your social channels.
  • Email Automation: Opt for the Google Pack and let ZAiLUM manage your email communications effortlessly.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Use ZAiLUM to handle appointments and demos directly through your calendar.

Ready for More?

  • Marketing and Sales Tools**: Upgrade your website with advanced features to increase visibility and drive sales.
  • Continuous Enhancements**: Keep your site at the cutting edge with ongoing upgrades and functionalities.

Learn More about how our AI-powered websites are the complete package for your business growth!

An AI-powered website solution tailored to your business. Every ZAiLUM website comes equipped with a trained AI that deeply understands your business, services, products, and aligns with your branding goals. As a core feature, ZAiLUM connects seamlessly to your website’s blog, crafting business-focused content and engaging SEO articles designed to attract more traffic. From the outset, your website is built with optimized titles, descriptions, and copy to enhance search engine visibility.

Our Social Pack enables ZAiLUM to instantly create and post content to your social channels, ensuring your social media presence is as dynamic as your business. With the Google Pack, ZAiLUM gains access to your emails, enabling it to read, assist in drafting replies, and send them directly, acting as your efficient virtual assistant. ZAiLUM can also manage your calendar, setting appointments and scheduling demos at your convenience.

Our Marketing and Website Upgrades are designed to broaden your reach and increase sales, ensuring your business not only keeps pace with competition but stands out in the digital marketplace. Choose ZAiLUM for a comprehensive, AI-driven website solution that grows with your business.

ZAiLUM Knows Your Business

Imagine having a partner who understands your business inside and out, always available to help. With a trained AI assistant, that’s exactly what you get. This AI goes beyond basic tasks. It absorbs your brand identity, voice, and product knowledge. This deep understanding allows it to craft content and visuals perfectly tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s blog posts, images, or customer interactions, the AI acts as an extension of your team. It consistently delivers brand-aligned communication, 24/7. This seamless integration ensures every piece of content resonates with your audience, strengthening your brand presence.

The result? A cohesive and compelling brand experience for your customers, every single time.

SEO Blogs are no problem

Struggling to maintain a vibrant online presence? Look no further than our AI-powered website builds! Each website seamlessly integrates with a built-in blog, giving you a powerful content creation tool at your fingertips.

ZAiLUM, your AI assistant, takes the reins on content creation. Simply suggest a topic, and ZAiLUM crafts an SEO-friendly blog post designed to engage your audience. Approve the content, and ZAiLUM publishes it directly to your website – live in seconds!

Never at a loss for ideas, ZAiLUM goes beyond content creation. This intelligent assistant proactively suggests blog topics and strategies aligned with your business goals. Your blog becomes a dynamic tool for growth, fueled by fresh, relevant content that drives traffic and strengthens your online presence. Let ZAiLUM handle the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Connect to Google Mail & Calendar

Elevate your productivity with our exclusive Google Pack, connecting ZAiLUM to your Google email and calendar for seamless communication management. With this upgrade, ZAiLUM becomes your ultimate email ally, capable of reading your messages, crafting responses tailored for sales, support, or internal queries, and sending them off in just seconds. On days when your inbox feels overwhelming, ZAiLUM can sift through your emails, prioritize the important ones, and provide you with concise summaries, enabling you to respond effectively without missing a beat.

But that’s not all—ZAiLUM’s capabilities extend to your calendar management as well. Ask ZAiLUM about your schedule for the day or week, and it will not only provide a summary but also handle all your scheduling needs. From setting up meetings to sending invites and preparing you with necessary research or information, ZAiLUM ensures you’re always ready and informed. Want to craft a killer email to a new contact or schedule a critical meeting? ZAiLUM handles it effortlessly, making sure you stay at the top of your game. Opt for the Google Pack and transform ZAiLUM into your personal office assistant, streamlining your tasks and boosting your productivity.

Bespoke Connections

Unlock the full potential of your digital ecosystem with ZAiLUM’s bespoke API connections. Whatever API you need, ZAiLUM can seamlessly integrate, communicate, and interact with it. This bridges the gap between your various platforms and services, eliminating data silos and streamlining workflows. Our custom API solutions are designed to enhance connectivity and boost your overall productivity and efficiency.

ZAiLUM doesn’t limit you to pre-built connections. Whether you’re looking to connect ZAiLUM with your internal systems, third-party services, or even your own proprietary platforms, our team is here to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Enhance your operational capabilities and drive innovation within your business with ZAiLUM’s expert API integration services. These services ensure all your technology works together seamlessly, empowering you to achieve your strategic goals.

Social Media on Autopilot with an Ai Assistant:

Connect with your audience effortlessly across all your social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and X, with ZAiLUM’s powerful integration capabilities.

Effortless Multi-Platform Posting:

Connect to all your social media channels and manage them with ease. ZAiLUM simplifies content creation and distribution, allowing you to share updates or launch campaigns across platforms in seconds.

AI-Powered Daily Content Creation:

Never run out of fresh social media content again. ZAiLUM generates engaging daily posts specifically tailored for each platform’s audience. Review and customize the content as needed and schedule a month’s worth of posts in just 10 minutes.

Brand-Aligned Content & Distribution:

ZAiLUM crafts compelling content that resonates with your audience and perfectly reflects your brand voice. Command ZAiLUM to distribute your content strategically, ensuring your message is timely and relevant.

Ai Packages for Every Kind of Business

Starting From £149/Month

**All website after 24 months move to £99 per month (Includes updates and maintenance)

Essential Ai Websites

Essential Ai Website

CMS website
Up to 5 pages
Ai Blog
Ai Assistant (trained and with 1 connect module – Blog)
Legal pages, Cookies, Terms and privacy policy
Video training

Essential Ai Website +

CMS website
Up to 15 pages
Ai Blog
Ai Assistant (trained for your business and with 1 connect module – Blog)
Legal pages, Cookies, Terms and privacy policy
Google analytics created configured and installed
One to one training zoom

Essential Ai Ecom Websites

Essential Ecom Ai Website

CMS ecommerce website
Up to 10 products (loaded for you)
Up to 2 categories
Ai Blog
Ai Assistant (trained for your business and with 1 connect module – Blog)
Ai tech assistant to help you
Legal pages, Cookies, Terms, privacy policy & returns and delivery.
Google analytics created configured and installed
Video training

Essential Ecom Ai Website +

CMS ecommerce website
Up to 40 products
Up to 5 categories
Abandoned cart process
Ai Blog
Ai Assistant (trained for your business and with 1 connect module – Blog)
Ai tech assistant to help you
1 page cart process
Multiple checkout payment options
Legal pages, Cookies, Terms, privacy policy & returns and delivery.
Google analytics created configured and installed
One to one training zoom

Updates and Maintenance (Strongly Advised) inc free security software suite

Websites – £49 per month | Ecom – £99 per month

Ai Packages Upgrades

Prices available on request | Get in touch today


Contact form
Animated Moving banner
Social wall
Ajax search bar
Google analytics
Advanced Google analytics
Social pixels
Location map with directions
Basic SEO pack
Advanced SEO


Abandoned cart process
Link products stock and text to marketplace
Advanced Ecom Analytics
Multi currency
Add products
Add categories
Basic SEO pack
Advanced SEO


Google Local Setup and Maintenance
Social management


Account manager
Google email read, write and reply
Google Calendar read, write and manage
Google Pack – (Calendar & Email)
Facebook & Instagram
Linked in
Social Pack (Facebook, Instagram, Linked in, TikTok)
Whats app for business

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