Sky Adsmart

All Advertising have teamed up Sky AdSmart to help SMEs reach a local, regional or national audience through the Sky broadcasting. TV advertising used to be almost unachievable for a small business, but now, local SMEs in the south east can take advantage of this revolutionary advertising service from Sky via All Advertising.

What is Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is a new, tailored advertising service from Sky, giving you over 500 attributes to refine your advertising audience. It enables advertisers to target their audience more accurately, so your advert is showcased to your target audience and Sky customers will see adverts that are more relevant and likely to interest them

Sky AdSmart offers a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to advertise at a fraction of the cost for traditional airtime. Whether you want to reach a national, regional or local audience, Sky AdSmart enables you to air your advert to specific households and locations throughout the UK.

How does Sky AdSmart work?

Advertisers choose from a combination of attributes when selecting the audience that sees their ad. Households can be selected based on age, location, lifestyle, finances, family makeup, car type and even their pets. This information is used alongside publicly available information from data service companies such as Experian to give an extremely targeted audience.

Sky Adsmart sends a library of adverts to selected households via satellite to their Sky+HD set-top box. These adverts are then inserted directly into live ad breaks

What are the benefits of Sky AdSmart?

• It’s cheaper than traditional TV advertising
• Sky AdSmart puts your business in touch with an exact target audience
• Sky Adsmart allows you to attract new customers
• You only pay when your ad is seen more than 75% through
• You dont pay for ads which have been fast forwarded through
• You dont pay for ads displayed after midnight

The sky customer has to have interacted with the box in the last 30 minutes which means you have a targeted audience sitting in front of your adverts ready to view!

Who should use Sky AdSmart?

• Businesses which target local or niche customers
• Businesses that are looking for a new way to advertise and want to increase sales or brand awareness

Local businesses London, Essex and Kent of all shapes and sizes are using Sky AdSmart, from garden centres to independent schools and solicitors.