All Advertising can help you register your brand as a trademark

Trade Mark Registration

Trade mark registration is the best way to protect your brand.

Trademarks are deemed to include such things as brand names, company names, logos, words and phrases and even sounds.

Registering your company trademark will protect it and allow you to prevent other companies using your trademark (and potentially damaging your name).

Benefits of trademarking your business;

  • Use the ® symbol to show your trademark is registered
  • Prevent others from using your mark
  • Build your trademark into a valuable asset
  • A trademark is a tax-efficient asset of the business and can be used as such.
  • Trademarks are valuable assets of a business and the value will grow with the business.
  • Trademark registration allows you to protect your assets and prevent others from damaging your brand.
  • Nationwide protection up to 10 years.

Why Use All Advertising?

There are a number of reasons to choose us to register your trademark, rather than going it alone.

  • All Advertising has helped companies from a wide range of industry sectors, as such we have a pool of experience with registering trademarks in all classifications and types.
  • We can identify and expand the relevant classes to fully protect your “brand”
  • We will provide guidance on the different registration options available.
  • All Advertising can draft all the forms and applications.
  • Registering a TradeMark, you might also require a logo. Our experienced graphic design team can help create a logo and corporate identity for your business.
  • All Advertising will keep you up to date throughout the whole process(registration can take up to 5-6 months or more in some cases).

For more information on how a trademark registration could benefit you please get in touch.